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«It seems to me that creativity is a state of mind, a person's ability to see beauty and create. The manifestations of creativity are very multifaceted. This is a fairly broad topic of conversation. Love encourages creativity, love in the most different wide senses”. Elena Bazanova, October 2020 Elena Bazanova has been working in one of the most difficult techniques - watercolours for over 20 years. She gives master classes, writes the most interesting extensive articles, but most importantly, she is fluent in the exquisite technique of watercolour. Her works are in galleries and private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, France, England, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, China. English link

“Watercolour paintings basics” download

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Методичка «Основы акварельной живописи» от Елены Базановой

Статья «Cтихия воды и краски»

Прямой эфир «Творческая встреча на выставке с Еленой Базановой»

Прямой эфир «Экскурсия по выставке Елены Базановой»

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The color of nephrite and pomegranate. Free lessons
Елена Базанова
The color of nephrite and pomegranate
Elena Bazanova

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