Julia Barminova


Watercolor artist 

Since 2012 Julia works in watercolor technique, combining the classical school with her own exclusive methods.

She is inspired by trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of America, Europe and Russia, by each and every picture from her travels. Julia has begun her most famous series of watercolors "Islands in the Stream", dedicated to the play (interplay) of light and color on the water surface and to the structure and configuration of the ships, boats and yachts. She paints evocative images of port cities where she has been to.

Another one artist’s favorite subjects to paint are bicycles, flowers, textured sketches and gothic architecture. 

Her Istagram blog @juliabarminova with more than 231K followers is always full of different artistic and useful information. Her audience are artists, beginners, creative people all around the world. She has used to share her tips and tricks, recent projects, announces of events, Q&A about her palette, materials and tools, techniques and styles etc.

Since 2016 Julia is an ambassador of Royal Talens brands not only in Russia, but worldwide.

Not only she was consulting the Royal Talens lab but also took an active role in expanding the range of Van Gogh (new 32 colors in 2018) and Rembrandt (new 40 colors in 2019) watercolors.

She is constantly holding different workshops, demo classes and presentations in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and many more. By doing that she is trying to rise awareness of watercolor technique, styles and methods of watercolour painting, importance of right tools and selfstyle.

In 2017, Julia is the co-founder of one of the biggest art schools in Moscow “Masterskaya”.


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