How it works

Lectoroom - is unique place where you can find online courses from great artists. Watch and learn art wherever you are. Any time! Choosing Lectoroom means you have 24/7 lifetime access to any course you have purchased and access to reviews from artists themselves.

Learning art with us is easy:

  • watch videos (?)
  • complete tasks
  • upload your works (?)
  • communicate with artists
  • become better!


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Enroll to a course

No need to wait! We have set up everything you need to pay and access the course right away. Read the description and then just hit the orange button. Log in or Sign up right at the time of payment. The course will appear in your Cabinet on the site. 


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Start a course!

Watch videos  and share you results. We think that learning process must be smooth and have a step-by-step nature. Next lecture will open right after you have finished the last one.

Get obvious results!

Right after you have finished a course, you will receive a certificate! We also value your feedback so don't forget to leave a review for us!