- What is Lectoroom?

Lectoroom - is a unique community of artists and students connected with knowledge. With us you can watch courses from favourite artists whenever and whenever. Lifetime access 24/7 and reviews from artists are guaranteed. 

- Is it absolutely necessary to sign up?

Yes. Only after that you can buy courses and be absolutely sure about it being yours forever. It also required for us to send you all important information about everything you like.

- How do I find the course for me?

Click here and start typing title of the course or a name of particular artist. Not sure? Use tags! Try watercolor, oil, illustration etc. Popular tags can be found right under the search tab.



- Lifetime access. What exactly is it? I found it on course page.

You can watch purchased videos at any time, at any plase 24/7. The access is forever! Save and keep the receipt to be 100% sure of it. You can use it if you lost the access to your account or email.

- How can I buy a course as a gift?

It is easy to make your friend happy! Just tap the checkbox right next to «Buy this course as a gift» line. It can be found under the total price after you started the purchase.

After that you will receive a letter with gift certificate.  

- What do I do with this certificate?

All the necessary info will be on it. You will have to sign in to your account and head to cabinet. Find and fill this blank with gift code:


- I see time constraints in course description. How does it work with lifetime access?

First of all, you still have endless access to every video in this course. Those dates are for author support only! The first one marks the day when you will be able to start watching a course i.e. watch your first video and start completing your first task. The second one is the day when you will not be able to upload your works for a review! Example: the end date is September, 1st. That means you will be able to upload your work only until 23:59 (11:59 PM) on August, 31st. All the time is GMT+3. But do not worry! Almost every course have an option of buying separate uploads after the course has finished.

- Course ended. Now what?

You will have lifetime access to every video in the course. Including ones you haven’t unlocked during the course. The review window will be closed though. You will be able to buy the task you want to finish after it if the course supports it.

- I have questions about the course I want. But I cannot find answers in description. Where can I learn more? 

We are always glad to help! Just send us a letter to help@lectoroom.ru. Let us know what you want to know and we will post this information on course page.

- I have found you have a subscription. It is all in Russian. Do you have the same option for English speaking students?

Not right now! But we are working on it. Help us by sending your suggestions to help@lectoroom.ru




- How do I start watching a course?

Just click your name on the right upper corner of the screen and choose Cabinet. Find your course there and click «Start». Or watch the video below.

- How do I upload my work to finish the task and get a review from author?

You can find everything you need right here

- I have uploaded my work but it says the author requested a correction. What is this?

Looks like you have not met the requirements to finish the task. No worries though! Watch or read the review carefully and then improve upon your last try. You got this! 

Use upload button on Task page to send new work for a review.

- I am interested in what other people have achieved. How can I see all the works on this course?

Sure! Head to Cabinet (here is how) and choose a course by clicking «Start». Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click «All works» to see all the uploaded works. Don’t forget to like and comment the ones you like!

- I lost access to my courses! Haven’t you promised lifetime access?

And we stand by it! If you have already checked Cabinet and you are sure you are using the same account you finished your purchase in, send us a letter. The address is help@lectoroom.ru

- I purchased a course. But I can’t find it anywhere! Not even in Cabinet! What do I do?

Do not wait! Check if you have received a confirmation letter and a receipt. If you haven’t found it even in Spam folder it is the right time to send us a letter to help@lectoroom.ru


- How does authors support work?

We always put in description the type of support you get when you buy the course. Reviews can be purely through messages and commentaries on our site. It also can be in  form of video-review. The written one is faster, but not as engaging. The author uses markers and commentary section to tell you everything you need to work on.

Most of the time video-support takes a bit more time. But it is very precise and detailed. You will get the video of author work on every detail in graphic editor and talk you through everything. 

In both cases you will receive a notification via email once the review is done and ready to be watched.


- I am social! Can I communicate to other students?

Some courses have internal chat just for that. Don’t use it for resolving issues with our site though. Use our customer support!

If you can’t see the chat, probably the only way to talk with anybody is to leave a comment under their work.

- Does it take long for the author to upload a review?

Normally, it takes about three working days. But only if there is no other information in the first lecture!

- I already uploaded my work. But now I have a question. How can I send it?

Please, use the commentary section right under your uploaded work. You can even upload more images there! Do not use the commentary section for correcting your work or in case of issue. Just send us a letter to help@lectoroom.ru – we will fix it! It is greatly appreciated if you mention the course and task names!

- I have a question for author but his/her course haven’t started yet. Where should I send it?

We are always ready to deliver it to artists! Just send it to us any way you see comfortable. Preferably – via email to help@lectoroom.ru 

It might take some time though! Sometimes question requires a conversation or consultation. If that’s so, we will gladly help you learn how to talk and where to send a letter as well.


- How do I sign up and create an account?

It won’t take long! You can even do this while buying your first course! All you have to do is to leave an email. All the info will be sent to your inbox automatically.

If you want to sign up manually and without buying anything, just click the Sign in button in the upper right corner of the front page. Switch to Sigh up tab and fill in the blanks. That’s it!

- What is the short address?

It is needed for your personal page to have a beautiful and usable link so you can share it with your friends! Just come up with something short and sweet. If that requires to separate words, use the «-» symbol. By default it is your first letters in email you used during sign up.



Haven’t found your question? Contact us –help@lectoroom.ru