- What is a LECTOROOM?

Lectoroom - unique online courses on various types of art from the best and with the best. Learn fine arts, arts and crafts and other forms of art when, where and as much as you like. Eternal access 24/7 and verification of work only by the author of the course are guaranteed

- Do I need to register at the Lectoroom?

Yes. This opens up opportunities for viewing and buying courses. In addition, you will receive all important service notifications directly to your email address.

- How to find a course?

To find your course, go here and enter the name of the course or the name of the teacher. You can also use categories or tags. Choose the appropriate option from the proposed ones.

- Why are tags needed?

Tags, such as watercolor, calligraphy, or free, distinguish between courses by technique, category, and user interest.


- What does “permanent access to the course materials” mean?

You can watch the acquired lectures at any time, 24/7, without interruptions and you will have access forever! And if it suddenly disappears (does not disappear), you can claim its instant restoration!

- Course with an open date. What does it mean?

At such courses, you can start training immediately after payment. Exercise at your own pace and take your time. If the course provides for the support of the teacher, you can count on an answer throughout the life of the course, unless we report otherwise.

- How do the course dates work?

The start date of the course is the day when the first lecture of the course and the opportunity to move towards its passage will open. The end date of the course is the day when it is no longer possible to upload work for verification. An example is the end date of September 1. This means that you can download the work only until 23:59 on the thirty-first of August, Moscow time

- The course will end, and then what?

After that you will have full access to all the lectures of the course. But the support of the teacher is carried out only in the terms set on the course.

- There were questions on the course and there are no answers in the description. Where to go?

Always ready to help at service@lectoroom.com. After answering you, we will add this information to the course description


- How to start watching lectures / open lessons?

There are two whole ways: through the course page and through the student’s personal account. Both are here!

- How do I upload work to a course?

About how to download the work, here.

- The work does not load, how to solve the problem?

First make sure that the file matches the site requirements. You can upload up to 6 images in one task. The total volume of all files is no more than 25 megabytes. In other words, no more than 5 mb per file. This was done so as not to overload the site and the check was most convenient for the teacher. Allowed formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF. Minimum size: 400x400 pixels

If the images are suitable in all respects, but the file still does not load. Write to us and talk about the problem. Remember to attach the file and screenshot!

- I sent the work, but it seems that I could not cope with the task. Do not let go further?

Do not worry, even if you really failed, the teacher will assign you work on the mistakes. How it works? Read here

- How can I see the work of other students?

Go to your personal account, select a course and click continue. Turn the page to the end, and then go to the block of work of the students of the course. There you can watch, comment and praise any work.

- Lost access to the course. What to do?

If you have already checked in your account, but there is no course, feel free to write to us!!

- The course is paid, but there is no course in your accountHow to solve a problem?

Check if you received a letter of enrollment in the course. If the message is not even in the SPAM folder, contact us.⠀


- How does the author communicate with students?

Support format is always indicated in the course description. It can be a text review, or in the format of a video response. The convenience of text support in its speed and visual markers to show flaws directly on the image of your work.

As a rule, video support takes a little more time, but the teacher will clearly identify and edit your mistakes in the graphics editor. After that you will receive a notice of verification of work and you can see the teacher’s response.

- And how can I communicate with other students?

Inside many courses there is a special chat room for students. In it, you can ask questions to fellow students and share tips on the passage. At some courses in this chat you can find a teacher! In addition, you can go to the page with the work of any student, leave praise or write a comment.

- How long to wait for the answer of the teacher?

Usually within three business days. But only if in the first lecture of the course no other terms are indicated.

- Can I ask a teacher a question after checking the assignment?

Sure! Use the comments below the assignment. There you can download additional materials or slightly corrected work. Do not use comments if you make a mistake while loading the main image. Write to tech support and we will fix everything! Do not forget to tell in which course and in which task the error occurred

- How to ask a teacher if the course has not yet begun??

Write to us - we will pass on your question. If the issue requires some discussion, we will help you not to get lost in our teacher’s “inbox” and suggest the best contacts. And of course, we’ll warn you in advance.


- How to register at the Lectoroom?

Registration does not take much time. It is included in the process of recording / buying a course or lesson. However, if you just want to create an account, click the "Login" button at the top of the screen and select the "Registration" tab.

To register, we will need some information about you. For example, email address, first name and last name. But we will never give her anywhere

- What is a short page address?

The short address of the page is the ability to create a personalized link. Think of any combination of Latin letters, numbers, and dashes. It turns out, for example, lectoroom.ru/students/innokentyy

Didn't find an answer to your question? Contact us whatsapp и telegram or write a letter to service@lectoroom.com