Stickers. Preparation of illustrations for sale on photostocks

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Do you want to give your friends and family a set of stickers for the holidays or open your own little store with author stickers? Or maybe create watercolor stickers for a coffee shop or children's clothing brand? Or just doodle in good company?


Available with English, Spanish & Portuguese subtitles (Russian audio)

Let's talk about stickers. We will understand what items and characters are better to include in the set, how to make the set attractive, interesting and practical. Let's define the idea and collect references, draw a sketch of the future set.

Let's draw all the elements with watercolor in a mixed technique. Scan and process watercolor illustrations. We will prepare the set for printing and cutting in polygraphy.

For dessert we will discuss how to photograph stickers for the store, social networks, how to design the finished set, where to find envelopes, bags and other useful things.

First stage

  • Let's talk about the purpose of stickers and their varieties. Let's understand what objects and characters, inscriptions should be included in a particular set.
  • Let's gather an inspiration board, decide on coloring, stylization for the set.
  • Let's make a sketch of all the elements of the set.
  • We will perform the first stage of work with watercolor

The second stage

  • We will execute the final stage of work with watercolor
  • Scan watercolor illustrations
  • We will prepare the set for printing and cutting in printing
  • We will talk about photographing the set for social networks, design a set for the store.



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1 lecture

4h 13min

Necessary materials

  1. Sketch paper
  2. Pencil and eraser
  3. Computer and Adobe illustrator


Tonia Tkach

Tonia Tkach



Привет, меня зовут Тоня и я иллюстратор!

Смело пишите мне на art.shcherbyna@gmail.com 

магазинчик https://creativemarket.com/ToniaTkach
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открытки с моими картинками  https://grape-art.com/catalog/tkach-tonya/
телеграм канал https://t.me/toniatkach

Hi, my name is Tonya. I am an illustrator. Now I am inspired by travel. Thank you for stopping by!
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from 24 

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