Plums on watercolor paper

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Explore the art of still life painting with plums on paper in this online masterclass. Learn to play with textures and create beautiful compositions with watercolors


This online masterclass is designed to help you explore the art of still life painting with slides on paper. You will learn how to play with textures, compose simple yet complex compositions, and translate them onto paper with watercolours. Author of lesson will guide you through the process of breaking fruit and creating a beautiful composition, and provide reference files to help you set up your task. You will also learn the importance of composition, light and shadow, and observation in art, and how to use different papers and patina to add depth and character to your paintings. This workshop is perfect for beginners and experienced painters looking to expand their skills and create inspiring still life paintings.



On this course you will learn
  • How to create still life paintings with plums on paper
  • Techniques for playing with textures and creating compositions
  • How to work with light and shadow to add depth and contrast
  • How to use different papers to create unique textures
  • How to work with patina to add character to your paintings
  • The importance of observation in art and how to improve your skills
For whom this course is

This masterclass is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the art of still life painting with watercolours. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your skills, this workshop will provide you with new techniques and insights to create beautiful and inspiring still life paintings. Additionally, this workshop is suitable for anyone looking to improve their observation skills and learn about the importance of composition, light and shadow in art

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3 lectures

1 hour 40 min

  • Theory (an overview of the theoretical knowledge that is needed to portray the objects of the production);
    Showing references;
    Explanation of the compositional task;
    Sketches in tone and colour;

31 min

  • Selection of paint mixes for painting;
  • Drawing for painting;


2 hour 50 min

Necessary materials

1. For the main assignment, the author recommends watercolour paper without any texture and with a smooth surface from the French company Arches - cold pressed, HP Suerfase / Grain Satine, density 300 g/m2, 100% cotton.

You can also try to paint on other watercolour papers. If you can't find the type of watercolour paper with a smooth surface you can try to work on the ordinary drawing paper (pigskin paper).

Size 37x56 cm (1/2 of a standard watercolour sheet 56x76 cm) or narrower format 31x56 cm - 1 sheet.

2. For sketches and tonal sketches: any quality for drawing and painting. Album size (A4 or A3) - 2-3 sheets.

3. For watercolour sketches and exercises: preferably of a quality suitable for work in watercolour (as for the main work), you can use 50% cotton paper. Album size (A4 or A3) - 2-3 sheets.


Акварельные краски в кюветах и тубах профессионального качества. Рекомендация автора из палитры акварельных красок «Белые ночи» ЗКХ «Невская палитра» — 14 красок, можно10:

 1. / 100. Zinc White (1)
 2. / 214. Lemon
 3. / 201. Cadmium Yellow Medium (2)
 4. / 206. Ochre Light (3)
 5. / 304. Cadmium Orange (4)
 6. / 323. Ruby (5)
 7. / 313. Madder Lake Red Light
 8. / 621. Quinacridone Violet
 9. / 515. Blue
 10. / 511. Ultramarine (6)
 11. / 508. Cobalt Blue (7)
 12. / 509. Bright Blue (8)
 13. / 365. Venice Purple (9)
 14. / 321. English Red (10)

Brushes in various sizes and shapes, preferably in squirrel hair. Minimum set of 6 brushes:

- No. 2, 5 - round;
- No. 4, 8 - flat;
- A broad flutz No. 50 or 80 - pony, goat hair, squirrel, plain synthetic or imitation squirrel - for wetting up the sheet and wetting down parts of paintings.

Recommendation of the author: Kolibri (Germany), DaVinci (Germany), Escoda (Spain), Roubloff (Russia) and Nevskaya Palitra (also produced at Roubloff, Russia), as well as various Chinese-made calligraphic brushes.


- Palette made of white plastic or porcelain;
- Organic glass worksheet or other waterproof, smooth surface;
- For attaching and/or stretching the paper to the board: adhesive paper construction tape, about 4 cm wide / PVA polyvinyl acetate glue / metal clips / buttons;
- Medical gauze or fine cotton cloth to the size of the sheet of watercolour paper for the sketch with 1 cm increase in size around the perimeter;
- Graphite pencils, soft B, 2B;
- Erasers of two types: soft and hard;
- White paper towels/cloths;
- Ruler and scissors;
- Hairdryer;
- A container with at least 1 litre of water (preferably 2 containers).


Elena Bazanova

Elena Bazanova

"Творчество - это состояние души, способность человека видеть красоту и творить. Проявления творчества очень многогранны. Это достаточно широкая тема для разговора. Любовь способствует творчеству, любовь в самых разных широких смыслах", Елена Базанова, октябрь 2020 г. Елена Базанова уже более 20 лет работает в одной из самых сложных техник - акварели. Она проводит мастер-классы, пишет интереснейшие обширные статьи, но самое главное - она в совершенстве владеет изысканной техникой акварели. Ее работы находятся в галереях и частных коллекциях в России, Германии, США, Франции, Англии, Швеции, Исландии, Финляндии, Голландии, Казахстане, Китае. Ссылки на статьи на русском языке

Методичка «Основы акварельной живописи» от Елены Базановой

Статья «Cтихия воды и краски»

Прямой эфир «Творческая встреча на выставке с Еленой Базановой»

Прямой эфир «Экскурсия по выставке Елены Базановой»

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